Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Do what the heart says.

The other day, I was talking to someone and to get a point across, I said "Do what you feel here" while knocking with my finger on the person's body where the heart is.

Then I thought, I mean, what's the deal here?

What *I* wanna know how in the world did the heart get involved in all kinds of feelings and love and what not!!!!????? I mean... there's no thinking going on there!!!

You hear everybody saying "Do what your heart says," "What does your heart feel?" "Listen to your heart." Well... if you do that... you're gonna hear: lub dub...... lub dub...... lub dub..... lub dub.... lub dub..... lub dub..... lub dub..... lub dub. You get the idea.

That's all. Lub dub. That's it.

Now somebody please explain to me how lub dub transformed into all sorts of weird things!

I mean... you have your brain where you do all your thinking. SOMEHOW, some only some of the thoughts are attributed to the brain... and other... to the "heart." Why?

You gotta understand... it's one thing doing the thinking. But... no. People make it out to be some sort of CIVIL WAR going on inside the body. You have the evil axis power called the brain... and the other allies with "the heart."

Erm...another thing... if there's one phrase in the world that is an oxymoron.... it's "CIVIL WAR." :-p

June, 2006
Used With Permission

By Professor Batty


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