Friday, October 20, 2006

Iceland Airwaves Update - Day Two

Art is the keyword for the day. I thought I would try a more highbrow approach to my music venues. After a morning of delightful conversation with a completely charming Icelandic blogger, and yet another glorious afternoon at the pool, I was ready for anything...


1900... The Reykjavik Art Museum. This venue is in the canvas domed courtyard of an old industrial building. A full stage with all the rock show features, light shows, massive subwoofers etc., the band Ske hit the stage, an experienced outfit, with everything you could want from an arena rock band. Good arrangements, a confident lead singer and some evocative lyrics...
...she doesn't drink wine, but if she's asked she'll take a glass... now she is wasted...
A good start.

Egill Sæbjörnsson

2000... Over to Iðno, the old Craftsmen hall. A beautifully restored auditorium, the Bedroom Community (group of artists) presented Egill Sæbjörnsson who started things off with some clever performance/video pieces including a most amusing animation. Very arty.

Sam Amidon

2100... Sam Amidon from the US- does a old folk music type act, with odd dance interludes. He began with a strange, dirge-like version of O Death. His voice could be described as fragile, or, more accurately, weak. He was joined by some Icelandic performers that filled out the sound nicely.

2200... Nico Muhly from New York- came on with original piano compositions. He shared the stage with an Icelandic violinist for one tune. Stunning.

Valgeir Sigurdsson

2300... Valgeir Sigurðsson performed next with a guitar, Echoplex and computer. He was joined by six other musicians, and with them, and his samplers, he created a wall of sound. If Sigur Rós didn't already exist, he would be quite the deal. Still, very impressive. An interesting line up overall.

Langi Seli og Skuggarnir

0015... Over to the National Theatre's basement. A little gem of a room (think 50's nightclub) the Icelandic rockabilly group Langi Seli Og Skuggarnir held forth with a great take on the rockabilly style. The dancing was fervered, the mood was more roadhouse than art house. A lot of fun.

Best music of the day... Nico Muhly, Sonata for piano, violin and computer, no contest.

I can't wait for tonight.

By Professor Batty


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