Sunday, October 01, 2006


No, not this post, on Saturday my hometown had a special "recycling event", a time set aside to bring usable stuff to a site where it would be sent on to places that could re-use it. I unearthed a bunch of old iron and steel (how does that stuff accumulate? It must be my magnetic personality!) a few fluorescent lamps, so that I now have a cleaner house and basement. As I drove into the drop-off area, they handed me a plastic RECYCLE bag with a RECYCLE ice scraper in it, along with some RECYCLE pamphlets. I can use the scraper, I can recycle the papers, but the plastic RECYCLE bag is a poser. I'm not supposed to put that kind of plastic in the with the recyclables. If I use it for my lunch, will I have to bring it home and wash it and use it again? I've often thought that the life of a hermit would be the ticket- a bowl, a loincloth, (maybe a toothbrush?) although with my short attention span, I'd only last in it for about 30 minutes. I will continue in my eco-friendly, post-consumeristic ways, turning over my cultural compost, cleaning my house until it's just so and ultimate elegance is achieved. But I'd still have that darn RECYCLE bag!

By Professor Batty


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