Saturday, October 14, 2006

Uncle Ray

Now, my late Uncle Ray was never at a loss for a story. The veracity of those tales was never really the point. You just took them at face value and, if you were wise, savored them for the telling itself.

So it came to pass that after Ray's mother (my grandmother) died at a relatively early age, his father was remarried, to a local widow. By any account, this was not a happy union. It so happened that Ray's father passed away after a time. Ray's stepmother quickly remarried. One day Ray ran into her "latest." After a few exchanged words Ray sidled up to the newly married man and whispered: "She puts the poison in the meat."

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jen Picken said...

The Devil's Grandmother...

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Been too long since we last palavered.
Upon your return from the land of ice, I would like to meet and have coffee (and tea, or whatever) and get "caught up". Have a pleasant and educational trip. Can't wait to see some photographs.

Missing you.


Blogger kindredband said...

ha ha ha love Uncle Ray!

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