Thursday, November 23, 2006

Almost Forgotten Conversation

I don't remember how it started, we were suddenly talking, walking, just loitering around Dinkytown. I was on my final go-round as a student at the University of Minnesota, I'd been there off and on from three years, and was losing sense, not gaining it. She, I suspected from our conversation, was on the same track to nowhere. She had been to a rock festival that I had been to the summer before, she described being hassled by the bikers there, she may have spared me all the details. We seemed to hit it off, with a lot in common to talk about. After about an hour of this, I really had to go to work. I didn't ask her for her number. I was (am) kind of slow about using telecommunications to my advantage, I figured that we'd meet again somehow.

Of course we didn't.

By Professor Batty


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