Friday, December 15, 2006

The Party's Almost Over!

...blogging will peak sometime in 2007... -Gartner group

It's been a hell of a ride... the fame, the glory, the fabulous riches and wealth- all generated by Flippism Is The Key. No more expense accounts paying for those fabulous trips to Ísland paradises. Free tickets to concerts and the theatre? Gone and gone. Instead of original and inspired writing: pop-up ads for mortgage reduction firms, Zune viral marketing sites, dancing elfs/bunnies/babies, kute kittens. Now all that's left for me here is a downward spiral into penury, disgrace and oblivion. I might as well just close up shop- Blogs are so like over- I saw it in USA Today.

Although Blogging may peak and plateau, or even decline, there will still be plenty of people with stories to tell, not all of it news-worthy, not all of it great literature. But something will still be there, for people who want to discover more about the world and its inhabitants than the seeds gleaned from the barren field of newspapers and their on-line equivalents. I may be wrong. Might the blogosphere suffocate from its own gaseous emissions? Or perhaps a nefarious government will clamp down on any form of expression- via some not-yet realized technology? 1984 thirty years late?

Nah. The genie is out of the bottle. While sites like Flickr and Itube are only the tip of the iceberg in the next wave of internet, there will always be a literate component to any form of communication. It may change form, it may go through a transition period, but the party won't end. More wine!

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They say that the next big thing in Internet Marketing is the social networks such as MySpace and so on. A recent Japanese study shows that 84% of people who read product reviews on blogs and/or social network pages they trust, also trust what is said in the review. I've heard that all the big sharks are thinking of ways to use that to their advantage without letting people know they are being marketed to. Therefore I don't think the blog is dead, while there's money in it they will make sure it survives. Plus that people will always have the need to express themselves and explain their existance to others.

The platform may alter though. Instead of blogging through blogger or livejournal people may move more to MySpace and similar sites. I guess by definition that is no longer blogging but it's still the same thing.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I've been intrigued by Flickr lately- a lot of people seem to use it as their main social network interface, letting the picture tell the story and then using comments to get feedback. Sort of image-blogging with a little writing to wrap it up- a reverse of what blogs have been.

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