Friday, December 08, 2006

Where Have All The Spammers Gone?

...Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam... -Monty Python

It's just not the same. spam that is. All those Nigerian scams, with their enticing get-rich schemes... haven't seen one in years. The Viagra come-ons have withered as well. Stock market tips were big for awhile- but they've crashed. Recently the spam headers have been incoherent (re: inso requia) or just the name of the spammer repeated.

And now, nothing. Not one piece of spam since last Thursday. I haven't changed anything. I even checked my double secret alternate e-mail address. Zilch. Have they given up? Or have I been put on a "Do-Not-Spam list" because of my age, socio-economic background or political affiliations? Or is this a calm before the storm? Maybe my e-mail server is broken. Just a minute, I'll send myself an e-mail to test it.

I'm back. E-mail works great.

What if I never get another spam message? Will that mean I really don't have a cyber-identity? Perhaps this is like a Twilight Zone episode, in that I've died and gone to heaven ("In heaven there is no spam"...) Whew! I've still got a pulse.

Hello out there...

Is anybody listening? I need a mortgage/pharmacy/sex aid/watch...

Is it something I said?

I miss you.

UPDATE: Mohamed franklin just wrote: "I delirium as carolyn"... all's well again...

By Professor Batty


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