Saturday, December 09, 2006

Who are these guys, anyway?

Previously, in these pages, was related a conversation which I had with a very nice young man at Iðno, one of the venues at the IcelandAirwaves music festival. During our chat we explored some of the latest options in ink-jet printing, specifically concerning photographic reproductions. He mentioned that he had a project coming up involving high-resolution images. Recently I found out what he was up to. A Unicef benefit, for HIV-positive children in Swaziland. His "group" had also spent the summer staging free events all across his home land, done as a way of giving back to all those who had supported them in their career. Altruistic? Perhaps, but I won't fault them for it. What an aware, socially integrated group of people. Who are these guys? Check them out here. Oh, and they make some mighty fine music too...

By Professor Batty


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