Friday, February 16, 2007

Playing Hooky

I didn't go to work today. Work has been slow (it's been below zero for three weeks- nobody is crazy enough to go out and order prints in weather like this) and I've got too much vacation time built up- my travel budget is completely spent meanwhile my vacation time keeps piling up, month after month. I'd hate for the lab I work at to go under and stick me with three weeks of untaken vacation- the Bank's loans are all secured, my personal time off is not.

At any rate, a lot got done. I fixed the car (properly, after the mechanic screwed it up) worked on the furnace duct work (an ongoing passion, sort of like blogging except banging on sharp pieces of metal instead of a keyboard) got groceries for my sisters in-law (AKA "The Treasures") who are coming for the weekend, and even managed to get a nap in.

Now I've got the Sunday night blues. I simply must go back to work tomorrow, and it will feel like a Monday, or as if I only got a one day weekend. I'm all confused- my strict routine has been shattered and it's wreaking havoc with my psychology.

That's what I get for playing hooky. HUCK FINN.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Lady of the lake said...

I THOUGHT the lab looked uninviting as I drove by this a.m. Now I know why. You were not there!

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