Thursday, March 08, 2007

1000 Questions

Heard about this courtship technique at a dinner party last week-end. The concept: after an initial interest is established, e-mail one another with questions about each other, some trivial, some not so. The couple involved didn't come forward with any examples, although they did say that they only made it up to 300 or so before they decided to get married. Thinking back on the events leading up to my own marriage, I have to admit that it was actually a similar process, if not quite so structured (and it would have taken forever via snail mail.) So this line of thought leads me to try and imagine what I would ask, if (perish the thought!) I had to do it all over again:

1. What kind of toothpaste?
2. Christmas eve/morning present opening?
3. Pets y/n?
4. Paper or plastic?
5. Garlic y/n?
6. Dirty Pots and Pans- soak or scrub?
7. Reality TV?
8. TV at all?
9. Bruce Springsteen/Bob Dylan?
10.Saturday morning housecleaning?
12.Mac or PC?
13.Lindsay or Britney as a rehab roommate?
14.Toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe?
15.Regular or Christian Sex Toys?

...OK, it's already obvious that I'd be a washout in a test like this... What question(s) would you ask?

By Professor Batty


Blogger SOe said...

Hollidays? Sight seeing, party, nature, culture?
Early bird or long riser?

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Are you cheerful in the morning? If you are cheerful and insist on talking to me early in the morning, you're history! And if you whistle early in the morning, you're dead.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

soe- glad you stopped in...
rose- most appropriate, we've had that discussion at the Batty house many times (I'm the guilty party)

Blogger lab munkay said...

Would you blog/photogragh that strange ritual contortion thingy I do every evening?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Conandammit added:

Music/no music
type of music
drinking/non drinking/
athletic or sedentary?
computers: bane or godsend?
motorcycles: death machines or not
Art: get it/don't get it but want to learn/don't care
literature: like reading/hate reading/types of reading
Dining out: fine or nothing/greasy spoon great/not really into it
Cooking: love it/ tolerate it/ don't do it
tom ay toe / to mah toe/ camel toe?

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