Thursday, March 29, 2007

Coming Home

The daily commute has its dangers. Driving home tonight, approaching a usually congested area, something was definitely amiss. It was too late for a back-up, and the slow-down started about a half-mile before it would normally begin. Flashing lights, many cars stopped on both shoulders of each half of the divided highway. Northbound- homeward- was moving, but slowly. Southbound only had a few cars straggling by at irregular intervals.

Nearing the scene revealed a grim tableaux. A small truck had crossed the median and was embedded in the front end of a sedan. The police were there with hydraulic spreaders, working on both vehicles through the back doors, in efforts to get to the drivers. Smoke was billowing from the sedan as an officer looked for fire under the gap where the crumpled hood had separated from the fender. Ambulances became visible in the rear view mirror. Creeping slowly past the wreckage, awareness of the "look - don't look" conflict overwhelmed. Glancing reluctantly, knowing that anything seen would rather be forgotten.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I literally just clicked to the Flippism blog from the Star Tribune article about the crash - very eerie karma. The accident occurred near my home so I too was curious. One dead, one badly injured. Makes me always aware that today's drive home could, in reality, be my last.


Blogger Professor Batty said...

...I've been commuting on that deadly highway for over 20 years, literally hundreds of people have been killed on it (from Shakopee to Anoka) in that time. I never forget it, when I'm on it. The woman in the car was just coming out from under the bridge at 77th street - the truck veered just before the bridge supports- she wouldn't have even seen him coming...

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