Tuesday, March 06, 2007


... the world seemed so disappointing as soon as you realized how thinly it was woven, how crudely the illusion was knitted together, how amateurish the stitches were when you turned it over to the back. Because only secrets and forgetfulness could make it bearable. -Daniel Kehlmann, Measuring the World

Half-truths, everybody tells them. Something to impress your audience, or to advance your argument, a thing said or written that leaves some things out with the intention of deception. Popular with politicians and pundits; phrases purporting proof. If I may be allowed the liberty of flipping the term, I offer you the "Half-Lie". An antonym that means the same thing as the word it opposes? Or perhaps a more nuanced version of the same concept. Created with the intent to protect, leaving out that which, by its very sordid or tawdry nature, would only needlessly hinder a dialog or relationship. Going beyond a "White Lie", the half-lie contains truth along with falsehood; its intentions are honorable. File under "Causes of Unintended Consequences."

By Professor Batty


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