Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Wiggle Room

There is an act which reveals a bit of the primordial in each of us. To be sure, as children we had been taught not to do this maneuver, and its manifestation in adults is considered unseemly, provocative or even ridiculous. Wiggling. Like the lowly worm or the microscopic spermatozoon, there is an element of the wiggle that is positively sub-human. To wiggle out of a situation implies agility and a non-rational power. The phrase "wiggle room" means one has some allowance for messy, flexible behavior in response to a "sticky situation"- as a mucus-covered worm might experience in an underground passage. The "bump and grind" of a burlesque artist (or her less artistic modern counterpart) usually is beyond wiggling; there is a sense of the unconscious in the wiggle that is definitely lacking in a theatrical performance. Wiggling is a simple pleasure, and when shared with a sympatico partner, most sublime.

I think my late friend Billy put it best.
He was in the Army, stationed in Alaska, and on a lonesome call back home one night he confessed that he had been thinking of every girl he'd ever known, but there was one girl he remembered above all the others. She was the one with that "special wiggle."

By Professor Batty


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