Friday, July 06, 2007

Alone Again

Circumstances conspire against your desires. - Fortune cookie proverb

Sometimes that the way it is. Your lover is absent (or non-existent), your friends are elsewhere or otherwise occupied, and you are alone. Is that our natural state, and the time spent with others an aberration, or are we meant to be always surrounded with others? Some of each? How much of each? Are our genes in a restless search to unite with others, all of our socialization merely a facade to prevent us from that horrible/glorious truth?


Things aren't usually so bleak, but being alone can make it hard to see the nuances of existence. That is one reason people seek out partners. (Although it seems that some couples exist only to fight- I've never figured that one out.) When I was young and romantic (and alone) there was a pop song by Dick and Dee Dee that became my personal anthem:

The mountain's high and the valleys so deep
Can't get across to the other side
Don't ya give up baby, don't you cry
Don't ya give up till I reach the other side

Later on, Björk gave this idea an absurd twist:

I miss you- but I haven't met you yet
so special- but it hasn't happened yet
you are gorgeous- but I haven't met you yet
I remember- but it hasn't happened yet

and if you believe in dreams
or what is more important
that a dream can come true
I will meet you

And I miss you.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Reetsyburger said...

It's ok, Batty.

I'm back now.

: )

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