Friday, July 13, 2007


As if yesterday's exertions weren't enough, we decided to climb the other side of the mountain. We drove up most of the way, here there was still deep snow covering part of the lower parking lot. It had been raining, but by the time we stopped and got out it had let up. The snow was misting from the rain, but within a half an hour the sun was out again and the temp began to climb.

Although the upper road was gated, it had been partially cleared and we could walk up most of the way between huge snow drifts. The eldest and I went even higher, over the snow to a rocky knoll where we could see both Mount Baker and Mount Shuksan, and the Canadian Cascade Mountains in the distance (they had the Red Maple-leaf flags on them.)

We went back down to the parking level and had another glorious outdoor meal, in the cedars and pines with the snowy peaks all around. Pausing at Picture Lake on the way down, we took the "Calendar Shot" of Mount Shuksan before going back to Bellingham:

Then it was back to Seattle via a 90 mile traffic jam on I-90. We arrived at our B&B and then, after a light meal at a local brew pub we returned to our rooms and collapsed. I had wanted to catch the Icelandic band Benni Hemm Hemm which was playing downtown that night, but the willing spirit was overcome by my weak flesh.

By Professor Batty


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