Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Magazine Lady

She was tall, 6' 2" at least. She had been a model and she even had a few Vogue covers in her portfolio. What she was doing at a crooked diploma mill, studying Radio-TV broadcasting was anyone's guess. I had taken the job of "Technical Associate" which meant I was an unwilling "Smithers" to a man who was at least as evil as "Mr. Burns."

This statuesque model and I shared up a few conversations- she liked to talk- about Jesus mostly, but her Jesus was a "media" Jesus. I introduced her to The Soul Stirrers and Sam Cooke. This was a different sort of Jesus for her, although she responded warmly.

She had a financial angel who footed the bill for her tuition, later on I saw promotional photos of him with her. He was over twice her age and had the look of a failed lawyer about him. They were starting up a gospel broadcasting network and she filled the role of a photogenic spokesperson quite nicely. Where she is now, and what success she's had is unknown to me. There are several big media churches operating out of Minnesota, there's even the headquarters of Eckankar located near Prince's Paisley Park. So perhaps the Magazine Lady did all right. Her benefactor would be in his Nineties by now, whereas she would just be in her late forties- with her genes she could still command attention. When I was younger I wrestled with theology. From the looks of things today, I should have gone into media production in my quest to get closer to God.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Móðir, kona, meyja said...

Eh, you do realise that Smithers is homosexual and secretly in love with Mr. Burns, don't you, dear?

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