Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tiger In The Snow

           Buster in the snow

Another year, another holiday season. To the feral cats of Anoka, this has been a tougher one than usual- with bitterly cold weather, snow and ice storms and it isn't even Christmas yet. Still, they seemed healthy enough, and they have sort of a development of cat-sized "townhomes" in which they can safely weather the elements. Buster, their fearless leader, came right up to me (after my absence of several months) and demanded to know where his sardines had been. After all the cats had eaten, he did relent of his righteous indignation enough to allow me to take this portrait. Whenever there is fish to be had he won't carry a grudge.

Merry Christmas, old friend.

By Professor Batty


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Happy Christmas, luv.

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