Wednesday, February 13, 2008


News from Iceland has it that Eric Clapton (AKA GOD) will be playing there this summer- "all his favorite songs" is what the story said. My personal relationship with E.C. is, like most peoples', non-existent- except through the songs he's played over the years. I was into "Slowhand" Clapton (Early sixties- The Yardbirds) but I lost interest when he went traditional with John Mayall in the mid-sixties. Fast forward a few years when the release of Disraeli Gears coincided with a rare opportunity for some quality time with a Bonnie young lass: a couch date at her place with both parents absent! I had borrowed the as-yet-unheard disc from a friend and just when things were getting interesting I put it on:
I'm with you my love,
The lights shining through on you.
Yes, I'm with you my love,
It's the morning and just we two.
I'll stay with you darling now,
I'll stay with you till my seeds are dried up.

Those fabulous sixties! They knew how to write a romantic lyric then. Surprisingly enough I was not thrown out for playing it. Not even when, a little later, the lyrics became even more impressionistic:
So many fantastic colors; I feel in a wonderland.
Many fantastic colors, makes me feel so good.
You've got that pure feel, such good responses.
You've got that rainbow feel- but the rainbow has a beard.

Well, I imagine that Eric will play Sunshine Of Your Love, but it may be
quite awhile before we hear him play the likes of S.W.L.A.B.R. again.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Móðir, kona, meyja said...

Never caught on to Clapton. But am going to Milan in June to see Radiohead.

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