Friday, February 08, 2008

Trivial Pursuit

After spending over an hour rifling through my parts drawers last night I found myself working my way up to a proper fit- due to my efforts in selecting a new set of knobs for my guitar. If my "box" was a classic model or some other collectible it would be an easy task- just get the exact knob made for that guitar (there is a whole industry dedicated to guitar purists.) My guitar, an Ibanez, while a fine instrument in most respects, is something of a mutt- made in China but lacking in the harmonious aspects of "Feng Shui". The color scheme is brown wood with a black headstock, chromed hardware and cream colored trim. For some reason the knobs that came with it were of a tawdry gold-colored plastic! As you can see in the picture, my in-house options were many: "chicken heads", pointers, rounds, small, medium, large, vintage, and contemporary. I finally made a choice (the art deco ones nearest the red screwdriver) but I know that I'll probably just end up at the music store tomorrow getting a new set of cream-colored barrels.

I have a suspicion that most, if not all of my readers have never suffered this dilemma. Just think of it as my attempt to accessorize an outfit.

By Professor Batty


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