Friday, May 23, 2008

Google Planning Session- Top Secret - Eyes Only

"In light of all the activity by Myspace and Facebook, it's time for Google to fill an important gap- the anti-social network: InYourFaceBook™, perfect for trolls, misfits and other miscreant "get-a-lifers."

"How about a Twitter-like module?"

"Already done, it will allow instant insults, put-down and slurs, with mobile computing support as well."


"Of course, we'll start with political ads, PAC's and Swift-Boaters, working our way up to lease-to-own furniture and even getting into those nightly news staples- laxatives and incontinence."

"Brilliant, Sergey!"

"Hush! I told you no names at these meetings, you never know who's listening in..."

By Professor Batty


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