Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Preview Party

                        Waxing Poetic

Attended the preview party for the Fine Arts Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair Tuesday night. A festive occasion, to be sure, although from time to time a muttered derogatory comment could be heard from those in attendance whose entries did not make it into the final selection. The above Encaustic (dyed wax) picture was the one I'd put up in Flippist World Headquarters if I had unlimited means.

                        Oh! The Horror!

A few of the works were pleasantly twisted, although most of them were VERY SERIOUS ART. I didn't take any shots of those pieces.

                        Three Barbies

The most fun was from the entry of my pal Nicole, who dressed up like her models in honor of the party.

UPDATE: The non-enhanced Nicole and her Batty friend pose, both pretty in pink!

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By Professor Batty


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I really AM famous!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I could have that beautiful winter picture. Love seeing you with 'Barbie'. :)

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