Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Truth or Dare

We'd been talking about blogging- nothing earth-shaking- just about the stuff we'd posted, the people we'd met through blogging, our readers.

"Some people don't believe what I write."

"I believe you. There may be an inherent morality in blogging, but it isn't an absolute morality."

"Sometimes it just needs a little extra."

While reading a novel some weeks later, the main character stated the three guiding principles in her life, they seemed to me to pertain to blogging as well:

Play your roles with care.

You mustn't show them how sad you are.

Never look back, just cross it out and keep going.

These aphorisms are easier to read than to live. What is important in a blog? The absolute, verifiable truth? Or a greater truth, arising like a blossom from a freshly manured flowerbed? It depends on what the blog is, of course, and sometimes that "is" can be a pretty slippery concept in its own right.

So, let us have the germ of truth, not necessarily the whole loaf at once.

Seasoned with that little pinch of salt.

By Professor Batty


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