Monday, June 15, 2009

Mondays In Iceland - #6

Hotel Borg

This was our room in the Hotel Borg in 2000. How we managed to end up there is still beyond me. Usually these rooms are $400+ per night. I think they got our package mixed up (we had been seated in first-class on the flight over!) The hotel's interior design let us know right away that this was no Motel 6. No Ikea furniture, (but there was an heirloom walnut burl writing desk in the room) and two of my favorite artists, Gustav Klimt and Frank Lloyd Wright were represented in prints that were color coördinated with the bed and the chair.

This place has been renovated since we stayed there in 2000. If you've got the money, I recommend it highly. If you get a room facing Austurvöllur square, you may get more of a view than you bargained for.

By Professor Batty


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