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Mount TBR

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Most of the "keepers" in our book collection are stored in a corner of the bedroom. "Mount TBR" is a phrase I first heard used by correspondent Niranjana to indicate that pile of books "To Be Read." It struck a chord (C#dim 7th?) in me, for although I'm pretty much a one-at-a-timer as far as the reading of books goes, I do have those books which I know I'll revisit. I tend to purge my library of anything I know I won't read. So, just for the fun of it, let's take a "widescreen" peek at my "special" corner of the Batty library, those books I'll probably open again:

Of course Laxness leads the way, presented in order of publication, I'm only missing The Happy Warriors. I've even got Under the Glacier in Icelandic! Going down the row are various Sagas and "teach yourself Icelandic" books (I haven't given up hope yet!) and even a copy of Kristin Lavransdatter which I MUST re-read someday. A couple of Indriðason´s mysteries and my treasured Bill Holm. Going down a row, into the Biography section, Björk, Dylan and Gág share space with Huxley and Mary Magdalene. Further on are myths and tales; the rest of bookshelf contains mostly reference works.

The Weaver's shelf holds more modern literature; our tastes overlap; but there are some differences:

Snoop to your heart's content... ...UPDATE! Rose's Mount TBR is here... and Niranjana's is here...

By Professor Batty


Anonymous mary said...

I LOVE other people's bookshelves, specially when they match mine!
I read 'Njal's Saga' when I was pregnant with my little one, never suspecting that one day she would end up living in Iceland!
I read 'Kristin Lavransdottir' (sp?) When I'd finished my degree, a week or so of pure self-indulgence.
There is a lovely book by Sally Magnusson called 'Dreaming of Iceland' which tells of her and Magnus' trip to Iceland searching for the past.

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Oooh, what fun. I feel a bit like a voyeur, peeking at someone else's bookshelves ... even with permission. Your top shelf matches mine almost exactly, with the exception of (she flushes with green skin tone) Salka Valka.

Mary, I too loved Dreaming of Iceland.

Mary and Batty, I can see that I must read Kristin!

I'll post my Mount TBR tonight.

Anonymous Jon said...

It makes me want to reach through my screen and fondle some of them. I read K.L. in college, but didn't appreciate it then. By a weird coincidence, Sigrid Undset had visited some neighbors on a lake in the Adirondacks where I worked summers during the college years. The visit was about the time of WW2 and in commemoration of the event, the neighbors carved on their outhouse, "Sigrid Undset sat here".
This is a true story!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Mary ~ I read Kristin when we were expecting our first child, (AKA The Long, Long Pregnancy), I liked it a lot, I tried to read her next book but couldn't get started in it.

Rose ~ I'm still on the look-out for your copy of Salka.

Jon ~ That is, without a doubt, the greatest outhouse story I've ever heard!

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Thanks for sharing that great story, Jon. I thought of you today when I was having blood drawn. She was either really good, or using a really small needle.

Batty, thanks! And good luck. Of course regarding Happy Warriors, it's War. Or at least a healthy competition.

Mary, I have vol. 2 of the Unset series on the way from BookMooch. I assume I should hold it until I get vol. 1 -- ?

Anonymous Niranjana said...

I'm late posting a comment because I spent the whole day assembling new bookshelves for my study. Nice cosmic coincidence, eh? I'll post a picture when the dust settles.

Batty: Not just Laxness but The Green Fairy Book! I love the entire series--I read them on Project Gutenberg when they were out of print.
This is all such fun.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Niranjana ~ Our kids were read many of those fairy tales when they were growing up, I think we warped them for life!

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Do you not have a copy of Jar City? (I know you've read it.) I have an extra if you want it...

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Rose ~ My Copy of Jar City is out on loan, thanks anyway. I've read The Silence of the Grave as well, but it was a borrowed copy.

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

A lending library!

Anonymous niranjana said...

Posted my TBRs. Finally.

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