Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Iceland Airwaves Update - Day One

Nothing like a hearty pub breakfast at Prikið to start the Iceland Airwaves 2009 music festival right! And if that wasn't enough, I added a little breakfast music to help my digestion:

Ultra Mega Technobandið Stefán

Delightful Pop-Punk, and the lead singer was so hot that he would stand outside between verses to cool off! After their brief set, I made it back to my apartment for a quick breather, then it was literally a 50 yard walk to the next show, a recital at Fríkirkjan, a 19th century church just outside my door:

Ljáðu Okkur Eyra

BEAUTIFUL! Then it was a quick dash to the pool, followed by the return of my rental bike, and over to Eymundsson's, a large bookseller. Just caught the end of Nóra's set- an airy confection of sugary pop, as sweet as cotton candy, with about as much substance- not that that is a bad thing! She was followed by My Summer as a Salvation Soldier, an earnest young Emo-style Folk singer, singing original songs of heartache and angst.


After a hearty(?) dinner (museli with a banana and a cup of coffee) I was ready to go for the first night at the main venues. Wednesday usually features the newer bands at the smaller venues. Grand Rokk had a full slate of new, original bands. The youngest (and perhaps newest) group at the Airwaves is Pascal Pinon, four girls who are all barely 15 years old:

This really wasn't the right venue for them, and they said as much in this interview. I'll be able to catch them in a more suitable auditorium setting on Saturday and I will give a detailed report then.

Útidúr, an eleven piece group, was the biggest surprise of the night. Wildly original, with Zappa-esque arrangements and even a little doo-woop thrown in. Great fun:

Going over to the big venue Nasa, I was subjected to the dreadful,
"bein höfuð þungur málmur" of Kimono. No fun at all, although a young woman thought it would be hilarious if I posed for a picture with her. Afterward the picture was taken I told her: "Beware of older men, for they've lost their youth and are looking to steal yours!" She laughed and agreed completely.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous BC said...

Cool. Make the most of it! It looks like Seattle's 90.3 KEXP is recording some sessions at Iceland Airwaves, although I don't think Kevin Cole is there. Check it out.

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