Monday, November 16, 2009

Technology - Is There Any Tech Writing Worth Reading?

A rhetorical question, to be sure. I often wonder if there is, especially after reading about yet another undistinguished netbook ("Comes in Pink!") or gadget that I can't imagine anyone using ("Hamburger shaped USB Jumpdrive!".) Still, I have links to those sites which cover tech and I read them nearly every day. Of late the site Gizmodo has been running a superlative series of articles by Aimee Mullins, who is a double amputee and has been in the forefront of the development and use of modern prosthetics.

She's had three posts so far, each one exploring issues in the use, acceptance and personal considerations of devices which enable people to perform to the limit of their abilities. In an era of increasing war-related injuries and the parsimonious attitudes of insurers, she cogently shows how almost all of us will sooner or later have to use an "aid" even if it is only a pair of glasses, and how current attitudes only diminish the humanity in all of us, "disabled" or not.

Photo: via Gizmodo, A pair of Aimee's prosthetic legs

By Professor Batty


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I am the sucker who can be sold on anything, as long as it's pink :)

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