Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mount TBR Redux

My post of the 8th was a day early, for the very next day I received a belated Xmas gift from Rose, the librarian/blog pal/berserker from Virginia. It was McSweeney's Quarterly Concern, #15 (2004), which featured Icelandic authors. In proper Icelandic first-name-only fashion, the back cover blurb states:

The latest in contemporary Icelandic fiction:
Sjón, Hallgrímur, Bragi, Gyrðir, and more."

Those of you familiar with Björk will recognize Sjón, his Fridrik and the Eejit, along with Hallgrímur's America are the two standout stories of this mixed bag. I've run across several of the other authors in various film, theater and music endeavors, most are very good as well. Half of the book consists of the work of various other (mostly American) writers. The book as a whole is the perfect companion for a cozy winter-nights read.

Thanks again Rose!

By Professor Batty


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