Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snarky Hula

Bishop Museum, Honolulu, 2005

The Hawaiian experience had been good, so far. Sun and surf, vegetation and a vacation from the late winter blahs. Just being among the throng on Waikiki was stimulating; it was somehow different from other populous tourist attractions I had experienced. Could it have been caused by all those beautiful young people in swim wear walking to and from their hotel rooms to the beach?

But a touch of culture was in order so we made our way to the Bishop Museum, which housed an excellent collection of significant artifacts. Every few hours there was a stage show in the center court, with music and dancing. The dancing was fine, but came with a constant spiel from the the band's main percussionist's misogynistic put-downs and snide comments about life on the island. Not to debate the truth of what he said, but really, is that what I deserve for coming all this way (and spending all this money?) I had heard this type of patter before, on the shuttle bus coming into the city. It didn't put a damper on the trip, it just gave it a slightly sour after-taste.

By Professor Batty


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