Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Other Voices, Other Eyes, Other Hearts

Queue, Laugavegur, Reykjavík, 2009

There has been a bunch of new Iceland-related blog activity lately, as might be expected with all the turmoil there. Reports from Sagaøya is a blog by the Norwegian photojournalist Jo Straube, and is full of excellent, large format pictures. The Sacred Journey, by the enigmatic "Aristæus" is a Whitmanesque celebration of life and culture, with his most recent posts covering his adventures in Iceland. Long-form blogging at its best.

Sigrún Davíðsdóttir's Icelog is an English-language blog by an experienced Icelandic journalist who works out of London. The real deal. Silver Egils is a media personality in Iceland with lots of cryptic posts, the link is through Google Translate, which frankly doesn't handle his free-association prose very well, but the links he has in his posts are usually in English or some other easily translatable language. For the attention deficit disorder crowd, the Tumblr blog Ísland serves up arty yet vital pictures from the rock.

Lastly, Eva Hauksdóttir, whose blog Sápuópera I've followed for years, is writing again. Hers is a very different perspective (she is a practicing witch) and the writing is hard to follow in GT. If you go directly to her site, then copy and paste her posts to the "home" Google Translate Page, you can break the longer words apart and get more out of them when you refresh the translation. I respect Eva for what she says and does, and hers is truly a different perspective.

By Professor Batty


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Thank you! Looking forward to exploring these, Batty.

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I blog to serve...

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