Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening...

The Dubliner, Saint Paul Minnesota, 2010

... Tell 'em I'll be there
In the cool, cool, cool of the evening
Save your pappy a chair
When the party's getting a glow on
And singin' fills the air
In the shank of the night
When the doin's are right
Well you can tell em I'll be there

~ Johnny Mercer

By Professor Batty


Blogger oroboros said...

"And you got paid on Friday
And your pockets are jinglin'
And you see the lights
You get all tinglin' cause you're cruisin' with a 6
And you're looking for the heart of Saturday night"

Blogger oroboros said...

That's Tom Waits, in case you don't recognize it. "Looking for the heart of Saturday night" of his greats!

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