Monday, September 20, 2010

In an Airport, 11:43 PM

She was in her mid-40's and appeared agitated, yet happy.

"When will they land? It says the flight is on time, but it hasn't landed yet!"

"Well, there was some bad weather in Seattle- you are waiting for the Seattle flight, right?"

"Yes! My childhood sweetheart's coming - I haven't seen him for 27 years!"

She was literally jumping with excitement. She tried to explain something about why they parted, but I couldn't really follow the story. It didn't really matter; evidently young love never dies. Whether her reunion was all that she hoped for, I'll never know, my son came in and we left her behind, still in a tizzy.

I do know that I still think of all my youthful "crushes" fondly. The reasons we drifted apart, while valid, can never change these feelings. That said, even if I were single, I don't think I'd care to restart any of those relationships.

By Professor Batty


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