Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Paul Scher, Jimmy Derbis, Dehl Gallagher(hidden) Bootlegger Sam’s, Minneapolis, 1979

Playing mid-week usually allowed a more informal and intimate experience.

The frantic excesses of the Friday and Saturday night shows were fun, but a Wednesday or Thursday gig in a small University-area club gave the opportunity to stretch out, to explore musical ideas, to have some breathing room. And when the crowd was into it, Jimmy would lay out.

You could hear Paul's breathing as he played his silver alto sax and carried you away.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

Love that SG Custom!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

That was a actually a 1961 "Les Paul" custom - One of the early SG - style guitars made before Les withdrew his endorsement. A wonderful instrument- Ebony fingerboard, sideways Vibrola, three pickups, with a custom wiring setup (done by yours truly.) Worth big bucks now:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ever happened to Jimmy, is he still around. Last I saw him was over on the west bank, we knew each other through friends on the north side.


Blogger Professor Batty said...

Jimmy is living in Utah, still playing and singing, working building maintenance for a suburban school system...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul was awesome and Jimmy a real talent; as an old friend this picture brings back memories.

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