Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Mysteries of the North Country- #1

Naniboujou Lodge, dining room

North of Grand Marais is the unique Naniboujou Lodge. The link gives you the straight story, but it must really be seen to be believed. It is open throughout the warm months, while restricted to weekends in the winter. It is a rather sedate place despite its bizarre decorations and the restaurant, while not haute cuisine, is pretty good for the area. Well worth a stop if you are ever traveling on the upper end of Highway 61.

BTW, that's the original paint- from 1929!

By Professor Batty


Anonymous Jon said...

There is a back way between the Gunflint and East hwy 61. I am right along the way. Maybe next year I can convince you to stop in for a cup of coffee.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We honeymooned there.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Jon ~ If I ever really planned one of these trips, I 'll take you up on it.

Anon ~ details, please!

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