Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Next Car?

Image: The Weaver, Shanghai, 2009

A cute little commuter vehicle, 80+ mpg., I'm always driving alone anyway.
I don't think I'd like to take it over 45 mph, it's basically a three-wheeler with a box on top, but it would do alright for my commute (except when there's 20 inches of snow- LIKE TODAY!) Still, the economics are compelling:

Operating costs and depreciation (over a ten year life span)= $1000 a year vs. $3000 a year for a full-sized car.

That's $2000 annually!

A trip to Iceland every year!

Or two trips to the BWCAW each year.

Or two packs of cigarettes a day! (I could finally afford to take up smoking!)

Well, maybe that last idea is a bit ridiculous. Unless you are already a smoker- then you could smoke THREE packs a day.

By Professor Batty


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