Monday, November 07, 2011

Inni - Neptune - Fortune

Klikk Films

Seattle's Neptune Theater is a curious artifact from the 1920's. Recently restored, its baroque aquatic theme lent an air of excitement to the evening- even before the film started:

Director Vincent Morisset (and his brilliant production crew) has created an artistic experience which explodes existing film conventions, turning a Sigur Rós concert into a kinetic abstract expressionist canvas. Raw HD video footage was transferred to 16mm black and white film stock which was then optically manipulated in real-time producing an indescribable sense of sub-conscious unity with Sigur Rós's cathartic music. Watching it just before attending a Halloween party only heightened the evening's sense of surreality:

The fortune teller was gracious enough to also read my palm.

Most of my fortune lies in the past.

TOMORROW: Fashionista Batty has his mind blown at the NFB...

By Professor Batty


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