Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Street Street

Of all the mysteries of my existence, none is more inscrutable that this short road in my home town. Did the city engineer run out of naming ideas? Perhaps this was the result of a typo; he may have written "street" as a placeholder on a planning map to insure that it wouldn't be labeled as an "avenue" and the map was then published before a proper name was assigned.

Maybe one the the town fathers was named Street. His car would have been named "Desire", no doubt.

I like to think that it was in honor of Della, Perry Mason's faithful secretary/unrequited love, although "Della Street" would have made a far cooler name than the redundant "Street Street".

And just to prove that I didn't make this up, here is a screen shot from Google Maps, showing Street Street in its entirety:

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

Word has it that the famous skier, Picabo Street took a terrible fall on a mountain in Colorado. She was rushed to intensive care, but soon recovered and continued on in her illustrious career. She was so grateful for the care she received that she donated a large sum of money to the hospital. They used it in their updated intensive care unit and now call it Picabo ICU. (rim shot)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

What a groaner!

Already starting the New Year on the wrong foot?

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