Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Fine & Mellow


A film, written and directed by Rúnar Rúnarsson.

The Nordic lights film festival in Minneapolis continues to soldier on, down to one screen for five days in a multiplex.  I have written about Rúnar's short film Smáfuglar (Two Birds) before, this feature is equally somber, but even more effective. It is the story of Hannes, a bitter and depressed old man who, through a series of sad events, rediscovers his humanity. Hannes is portrayed by Theodor Júliússon, who seems to be the #1 actor of over-sixty-year-old men in the Icelandic cinema. He never disappoints, he gives this realistic drama the center it needs to succeed.

Highly recommended, with a caveat: Volcano is an unflinching look at one of the hardest aspects of growing older, you had better be in the mood.

By Professor Batty


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