Friday, September 13, 2013


   In the last twenty years I have been slowly acquiring ceramic pieces; an accidental collection which seemed to grow of its own accord. The elegant Paul Epple raku jars flank a pair of cartoonish Listvinahúsið Viking candle holders, while beneath a flat Joan Mooney porcelain dish is paired with a family heirloom mixing bowl (circa 1920, maker unknown):

   More Mooney porcelain. Beautiful and functional, these get used:

   This window wall greets me as I arise every day:

   A theme-less collection, I display what I enjoy, nothing here has any monetary value.

   Ceramics were one of the foundations of modern civilization, enabling humans to keep food and liquids safe from vermin and were also used as a text recording device.  Of all the things I've posted about this week (books, photos, digital media) only these humble pots have a good chance of lasting into the next century and they are certainly the only things which could last into the next millennium. They might even survive a meteor strike (if it wasn't a direct hit!)

By Professor Batty