Monday, September 09, 2013


It has been a while since I've posted any bookshelf pictures, so, for you “snoops” out there, here are a couple images showing the “Flippist Reference Library™”:

Top left shelf contains Icelandic music and videos, along with doubles from my Halldór Laxness collection and a few “teach yourself Icelandic” books (I DIDN'T). The shelf below has the bulk of my Icelandic literature, mostly Laxness, but also some Sjón as well as a few Faroese authors. Fun for some, not for all. Moving down to the third shelf are music related books, heavy on Dylan, with Björk and Joni Mitchell. The right side has modern authors writing about Iceland (Indriðason, Nancy Marie Brown, Bill Holm, others).

Lower still are the books on Mythology (Campbell, Graves) folktales and then a mix of old fiction, art, poetry, biography and even a family genealogy. The bottom shelf has mostly art and photography (along with my High School yearbooks!)

The shelves on the right contain my music collection, They seem empty now because I recently thinned them out and also moved my DVDs which had been there to the Flippist Home Theater Media Center™  (subject of a later post.)

I've been going through a house cleaning purge lately; I can see my possessions dwindling in the future. I don't want to leave my heirs with a bunch of meaningless stuff. The Flippist Archives are safe for now; I use them for this blog. The photos and artwork on the walls as well as my modest ceramic collection (also to be featured later) have become a surprising joy to me.

All of this Proustian reflection leads to a deeper issue: as the tenth anniversary of FITK approaches I wonder what will be the ultimate fate of this site?  Discovered by new generations? Not likely. Buried in some forgotten server until a meteor blasts it out of existence? More likely. The old material here is still accessed every day by persons all around the world.  The new posts are read as well by a few dozen people, some of whom I know, some I don't (here's looking at you, Pretoria!). Facebook users also link to pages, although they never leave a comment. That's OK. It's a blog of images and ideas, not a social group. If I can brighten someone's day or offer a new perspective in my blog-posts, that is enough justification for me for me to continue its existence.

Which is more than can be said of television, the subject of Wednesday’s post.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous I'd Rather Be In Iceland said...

Music and books on the same shelves! Interesting, never thought of that. I try and keep pruning my physical books back, but hate the idea of having them all on a device.

Re blog - funny how only other bloggers leave comments. I do wonder what all the search engine readers think sometimes.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I've had a few commenters of mine turn into bloggers, as did I way back in the dark ages of 2004, (Auður of I Heart Reykjavík had the most intriguing blog then) but you're right, most commenters are bloggers as well.

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

I heart your book collection. ;-)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

You helped build it!

Blogger Jono said...

I think we would all find familiar things on each others shelves.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for some time, since I had a grievous accident and have been in lengthy recovery, with time to "surf". My interest in things about Iceland stems from my mother and her Scandinavian parents. My maternal grandmother was an Icelander who emigrated in the 1890s, and married a Norwegian she had met in her travels.
I discovered a number of interesting Icelandic and Scandinavian blogs through FITK, for which I am grateful, along with other blogs, authors and books about Iceland which I probably would not otherwise have encountered. I have also enjoyed reading about your various travels to Iceland, the associated photographs, and about your own "neck of the woods" and its Scandinavian heritage.
-Gone South

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Gone South ~ I am so glad you found this blog helpful to you during your recovery. Thanks for commenting, I had always wondered who was reading FITK in Pretoria.

Blogger Shoshanah Marohn said...

Wait a minute- Darien and Professor Batty are friends?

Mind blown.

Are you following TYwkIWDBI LATELY? Lots of bookshelves there, too.

Your home is beautiful.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Cellar Door ~ Darien used to comment with the name "Rose", although she lives in Virginia we've met several times. The post was inspired from TYWKI, and have submitted an entry to his series.

Thank you about the house.

Blogger Darien Fisher-Duke said...

Surely you have a copy of Sagas of Icelanders edited by Smiley, right? If not I have one to send you.

I think we should do a book project one day in which we print your Laxness in Translation in hard copy. It will be awesome.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Smiley's book is on the second shelf, sixth from the left!

LIT in book form? I've thought about it. If we could print all the links as well it would probably be well over 400 pages!

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