Thursday, September 26, 2013

Siah Armajani

Seth and Chuck on Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge, Minneapolis, 1989

When was in art school, our normal routine was interrupted one day by the arrival of Siah Armajani, a real artist. He wasn't an imposing figure: a small, somewhat rumpled middle-aged man with a thick accent. When he spoke, however, his artistic credentials were quickly established. He was a visionary, passionate and inspirational. He was born and raised in Iran, I thought of him while reading the recent news about the possible detente between Iran and the United States. I won't hold my breath on that happening, but any progress between these two countries would be welcome. Siah is still a persona non grata in Iran.

People who go by Loring Park in Minneapolis are well acquainted with Mr. Armajani's work. He designed the bridge between the park and the Walker Sculpture Garden; it has been a landmark for decades.

By Professor Batty


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