Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Incredible Shrinking Batty

   The last few weeks I have found the Professor caught up in a whirlwind of social events (two weddings, a shower and a funeral) as well as a full slate of health check-ups (physical, eye and dental exams, even a colonoscopy—inside of colon pictured above.) All went well—a little older, eyes a bit weaker, teeth good and even my guts were looking pretty. The only negative result from all this poking and probing was discovering that I've shrunk a full half inch!

   I hope you don't think me any less of a person for it.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

Ya, I shrunk a little on the one end, too. I see you had a shower. Is that an annual thing or every Saturday night whether you need it or not? :)

Blogger Professor Batty said...

It was my niece who had the shower- and they let me take pictures!

Blogger Mary said...

I have lost a couple of inches in height over the years. I am taller than my husband, so people make jokes about how long married couples start to look alike.

Blogger Professor Batty said...

I've got about seven inches to go to catch up with my significant other, but she's "shortening" a bit as well.

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