Friday, November 01, 2013

Pipestone, Minnesota

Gargoyles, L. H. Moore, 1896

One of the joys of getting off the freeways when traveling is finding unexpected treasures in small towns. Pipestone Minnesota is located in the Southwestern corner of the state and was named after the pipestone (Catlinite) quarries located there which are still used by Native American artisans and protected in a Federal Monument (more on this another in another post.) The town has several buildings of the Richardson Romanesque style with rose granite stone facades. The gargoyles adorn a small building which was across the street from where we stayed, the Calumet Inn:

The inn's second floor rooms have all been given the antique treatment, we looked at three and they were all well done (although the bathrooms were perhaps a bit too antique!) The beds were fabulous:

There were two restaurants in the hotel, each serving a good variety of well made entrees and appetizers in pleasant surroundings. While not fine cuisine, it was most satisfactory:

The continental breakfast was forgettable.

All in all, the town of Pipestone, The Calumet Inn, and the surrounding area made for a  most memorable stay.

By Professor Batty


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