Monday, November 04, 2013

The Other Minneapolis

The Mill Street Inn in Minneapolis, Kansas was a pleasant surprise. We stayed in a three room suite in the front of what was once a veterinary office, located right in the center of town. Being a Monday night, the only restaurant was closed (we’d run into this situation again on our trip), so we made do with convenience store “food.” The town had seen its share of hard times, but still had many charming houses:

There was even a waterfall:

I had planned our stop here partly due to the fact that I grew up in the other Minneapolis and I was curious to see my hometown’s namesake. It was also a convenient mid-point on the way to Colorado Springs; if I were headed that way again I’d probably return with groceries. There was a doughnut shop open at 5 a.m. down the street but you might want something a bit more substantial for breakfast. The Inn has four immaculate suites and a rec room in the basement complete with bar, kitchen, sofas and a pool table.

By Professor Batty


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