Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Incident on Þjoðvegur

Hvalfjörður, March 2004

It was my second trip to Iceland.

It had snowed on the day I arrived. In the morning the street outside of my guesthouse was covered with slush as I walked to the Hertz rental, a few blocks away. Getting my car, I headed out on Highway 1 to Snæfellsness to experience the glacier's spiritual essence. I drove under under a fjörd, through one of those creepy Icelandic tunnels, tunnels which looked as if they had been burrowed by Elves. As I emerged from the abyss the low clouds above me were extremely dark, yet the mountain tops in the distance across the fjörd were glowing, almost incandescent. I pulled the tiny rented Yaris over to the side of the road. The spectacle was so intense I began to doubt the reality of my senses. I took several pictures but they couldn't do it justice.

At that moment I knew I'd be coming back again.

By Professor Batty


Anonymous I'd Rather Be In Iceland said...

There's nothing like the light in Iceland!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

That's for sure! The late winter seems to be the most dramatic, but it is great anytime—and if you don't like it just wait a few minutes!

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