Friday, January 03, 2014

This Bud's for You…

Workers installing sign, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2013

   Something which stood out on my recent trip to Colorado was the proliferation of "Organic Medicine" stores springing up throughout the city. Now that Colorado has legalized Marijuana for recreational use I can imagine that there might be even more outlets, although it seemed as if they were on every corner already. Some even had signs, hand painted like the old grocery store banners ("1/8 ounce = $28!"). I suppose it is just another form of produce. Adjusted for inflation, the prices seemed about the same as they were in the seventies when I was a casual user.

   I remember the last time I smoked pot, almost thirty years ago, when I had discovered a forgotten old joint in a desk drawer. It didn't do much for me then although I'm sure that its potency had faded. The stuff they are now selling in Colorado is certainly better than what we had access to in the 70s, but how much potency do you need? I never used to take more than a couple of hits, I figured if two puffs didn't do it, it wasn't worth the trouble. Any more and the rest of the day was shot. It isn't that smoking dope was a bad thing, rather; it had became pointless.

   Maybe I had been weaned?

By Professor Batty


Blogger Cellar Door said...

I wonder if it actually makes more people smoke it, or if the people who were already smoking it are just more open?

Blogger Jono said...

At some point time became the precious commodity. It's more difficult to justify taking a day off from the world since the days grow fewer. Still, a road trip to Colorado might be fun!

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