Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Farewell, O Humble Stroud!

   This student-grade piano, a Stroud (by Aeolian) has left Flippist World Headquarters to take up a new residence in a musical rehearsal space. It was time for it to go. This, our biggest and heaviest piece of furniture (the elephant in the room) had outlived its usefulness and had become merely a huge dust-collector. It had been somewhat underused for its last 40 years. It was the Weaver's childhood piano. She and all her sisters had played it. Obviously it has a lot of family history. But children do grow up, ours never expressed much interest and, after a while, the Weaver stopped playing altogether. It was still in good shape: It had been overhauled at least once in its 100 year life span and I'd kept it in reasonable tune at concert pitch.

    Piano movers came in last Saturday with a dolly and straps and it was gone in three minutes flat. A sure sign of out-of-balance Feng Shui was that when we re-arranged the furniture in the room it had been in we didn't add a thing yet it still seemed full!

By Professor Batty


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