Thursday, November 06, 2014

Meat Cheese Beer…

   … Milwaukee cuisine defined in three words, although "meat cheese" might be a flavor of beer. Across the the street from the Usinger's famous sausage building was Maden's, a German restaurant established in 1905. I had the Rheinischer Sauerbraten: Marinated roast beef served with ginger snap sauce, topped with sour cream, toasted almonds, golden raisins, served with spätzle and red cabbage:

   Delightful. Note: the cabbage had been properly fermented, and the spätzle was perfect, not the usual tasteless doughy mass. I'm not big on German, but once in a while it satisfies the cravings of a certain part of my DNA. Mader's has posted a long list of celebrities who had dined there - going back to movie stars of the thirties and several presidents.  Later, we stopped in at The Red Elephant, an overpriced truffle and ice cream shop:

   It looked better than it was. We ate out at several forgettable places, however I did manage to have the best beer of my life—and it was from San Diego! During the day I happened across this chilly busker:

   What she lacked in virtuosity, she made up for in attitude. On Sunday we managed to take in the surprisingly anemic collection of the Milwaukee Art Museum:

   Over all, my strongest impressions of Milwaukee did come from its architecture which has retained many of its classic 19th century buildings, urban renewal left most of these gems intact:

Tomorrow: The return of The Matriarchy!

By Professor Batty


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The food looks good, but I remember a few decades ago bowling tournaments were funded by the arts council.

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