Monday, January 12, 2015

Frankie Lee

Clown Lounge, The Turf Club, Saint Paul Minnesota, January 4, 2015

   Frankie Lee is a Minnesota based singer-songwriter. We go back together a long way—all the way you could say. I was working sound for a band in the Seventies, a blue-eyed soul group which had some success. Frankie Lee's dad was in the group, the guys in the band were tight, most had grown up together and when we started our families Frankie Lee spent a lot of time with our boys.  Frankie was a regular kid; his only unusual early childhood trait was his habit of slipping out of his clothes.

   But kids grow up and as he did Frankie took to walking in his late father's musical footsteps. I went to see him perform a few days ago, in a strange little place in Saint Paul. He had a good turnout—his band was tight, they were a group of people who had played together a lot. They started out with a ripping rendition of John Lennon's Don't Let Me Down. The somewhat awkward layout of the club made it hard to see the performers but it was a cool scene, nonetheless.

   It is always a bittersweet occasion to see the kids of my old band mates perform. Especially so in Frankie's case, he looks a lot like his late father. He's moved on though, taking his own path. Best of luck Frankie, sorry I didn't stay to the end. I could make a lame excuse, perhaps about being too old to stay out late, but really it was just a matter of too many memories.

Frankie Lee will be appearing every Sunday in January at The Turf Club.

By Professor Batty


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