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One of the persisting joys I receive from attending Iceland Airwaves is that of seeing an unknown artist emerge years later with a new EP release. I last saw Hekla Magnúsdóttir playing theremin with the Icelandic surf band Bárujárn in 2009. Outside of being the only theremin player in the festival, she also stood out for her fearless playing on a difficult instrument. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she now has a collection of her solo compositions available on line, some of which even have a video as well.

Hekla is definitely on her own 'island' of eerie electronica; she describes it as being a bit 'horrible' at times, but perfect for the moods she is trying to create. The inverted cover art is Flippism at its finest. I got a big kick out of her in 2009 and an even bigger one from the six tracks on this short album. She has also supplied music for a dance piece video.

Here's a little video feature on Hekla from the Reykjavík Grapevine:

You can preview the album and order it as a download from her website.

Hekla rocking out in 2009 with Bárujárn:

What a sweetheart!

UPDATE: She'll be performing at Iceland Airwaves this year.

UPDATE: She has a new album coming out.

By Professor Batty


Blogger Jono said...

I am surprised by how pleasant the music is. Someday it would be fun to mess around with a theremin.

Blogger Mary said...

Finally went back to this post to listen - I saw her with Barujarn in 2010. When I interviewed them at that time, they mentioned that she was a cellist and that she had acquired the theremin sort of by accident. The last time I corresponded with Barujarn, they said she had gotten fed up with them! Don't know if they were joking or not!

I love the new album - nicely weird!

Blogger Professor Batty said...

Jono ~ I'm tempted to get one myself…

Mary ~ Bárujárn was a pleasant surprise, to have a theremin in a surf band was an inspired touch.

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