Monday, October 12, 2015

Cats of Reykjavík


Cats have the run of the city. The fine specimen above thought it was great sport to hide behind tombstones and box my legs as I walked by (no claws were used.) Most cats have collars: in exchange for an affectionate rub they allow you discover their name.

Sunday opened with heavy clouds, although the rain held off. I spent the morning drinking coffee with an animated group of about thirty Icelandic men. Sufficiently caffeinated, I strolled about the old harbour which is undergoing a massive overhaul. There are still plenty of ships though:

The sun broke through just about the time I got to the pool and it would become the most glorious day yet:

When I got back from the pool there were a cluster of people in the churchyard. One of the Cats of Reykjavík had evidently just spent his ninth life. It had a collar but no tag. A woman was posting a picture of the creature to Facebook in hopes of finding its owner.

When I came back from dinner, the cat was gone.

By Professor Batty


Blogger I'd Rather Be In Iceland said...

Ooh! I was going to say, my two favourite things, cats and Iceland but you caught me out with that ending.
It's been reading your adventures so far!

Blogger Jono said...

Great pics Batty! I am down to 9 cats at home, but am helping tame a few feral kittens at our local shelter. The odds are against them living on their own.

Anonymous Don Olson said...

Nice to see you're back in your favorite place. If you are back in the Twin Cities Oct 21st you may want to check this out.

Take Care, Stephen

Blogger Professor Batty said...

IRRBI~ A somber end to my Sunday afternoon as well.

Jono~ Only 9!

Don~ I hope to be there!

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